JavaScript Video Tutorial Pt 1

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Spencer Clough says:

I made it, it was a lot though. and ty

Belizard Razvan says:

This amazing tutorial removed my fears of javascript , it’s so similar to
c++ / python . Very good pace , very clear . Like always Mr. Derek Banas .
Excelent job !!!

The Tentacles says:

Amazing tutorial at excellent pace. I had always feared that JavaScript
was a bit too advanced for me…until today. You actually make it look
very easy.

DukerHD - Gaming & More says:

Great tutorial! This isn’t too fast if you already know Java development.

Gary Edwards says:

Fantastic tutorial, exactly what I was looking for!

James Spencer says:

I’m mostly watching stuff like this to learn how to code for Minecraft xD

TheF22Craft says:

I only Know HTML:)

Donk Enou says:

This is fantastic, thank you! I found your intensive tutorial style
refreshingly to-the-point, without the drawn out, irrelevant background
stories that most other tutorials have. You have just set the standard in
efficient online teaching! Keep it up!!

Renegade Tokki says:


nathantube09 says:

Awesome stuff! I really like your style. I’m glad i decided to watch this
video before jumping into javascript from jquery. It really made it look

daniel01045 says:

I’m glad I know the basics of C# so it was easy for me, thanks for the

cloudpuffballz says:

I’m really glad I came across this tutorial because I find it hard to learn
the language from my professor. I like how fast-paced this tutorial is. 🙂
I hope you make more! :)

Jesse Knapp says:

I really liked this! Lots of basic elements that anyone can logically turn
into more complicated things. I’ve never written in Java before, but I feel
like I now can play with it.

Zisef Crypto Traderr says:

Took me about a month of to learn all of this, but doing exercises for each
step help reinforce it. I also learned more en-depth on mixing

This video would have been great to start out with, and then learn about
java script’s mechanics of values, property’s, parameters, environments,
local and global variables etc etc.

Kudos to the great video, now I am going to look and see if you have one on
J query. if(true){console.log(“I so happy”);} else{ console.log(“make

Cero Gee says:

absolutely loved this, doesn’t waste my time like some noob but still
breaks it down without wasting time for things I know but efficient enough
that it doesn’t waste time. Great job, one of the better tutorials.

LizardanNet . says:

At 12:17 why didn’t you use the “var” keyword before the “bool_var”

Adway Wadekar says:

What do you use to show your screen?


after 31.51 “jeez you literally poured javascript in my brain” 😀 that was
auwsome perfect recap i was in need of

mplsridah says:

U are very awesome man, I wish you were my teacher in real life lol. This
was not very fast paced for me because I have a little background on JS but
sometimes I get stuck and there is no help…Can anybody suggest a site
where you get help when u get stuck? I’m learning at code academy and I’m
gonna check out W3 schools, Thanks a lot.

rbtx99 says:

I really like the fast pace this tutorial is delivered. As an experienced
programmer in other languages I find it very easy to follow and pick the
information that I need. I usually fall asleep with other slooooow youtube

MrTcm444 says:

Just wanted the whole tutorial at 1am. Still make sense!
One of the best Tutorials out there! better than Codecadamy! (website’s
lesson kept returning errors, even when using their own examples and

ashish passi says:

you need a var=black coffee; before hook yourself to this tutorial

王天宇 says:

I’m a beginner of programming and I just wondered how these simple
programming codes turn into an excellent designed website…

Minetorpia says:

Hey +Derek Banas, when i use the console.log(‘texthere’)i only have to use
1 ‘ instead of 2 ” so i can’t make abbreviatons like i’m, you’re it’s and
you’ve. I hope you know how to fix it! I like the style of how you make
video’s ! 😀 I learn many from it, so i hope you know the answer on my

Martin Frost says:

Great video and thanks for not making me sit and watch you type out
document.write every time!!
I just wish I had come across this series first.

King Kreeper says:

What program are you using to edit your code?

Bartek22026 says:

What software should i use for Windows?????? i seriously dont know :c

Sextiva says:

My brain just exploded. I need someone to come clean this mess up. 

Flowerz N Daizyz says:

Great refresher, I forgot all I learned a year ago.. Thanks man :D


Ok, this is really creeping me out, all of the tutorial writers are using
the number 23.

I swear its some kind of mystical conspiracy.

Ryan Newby says:

Bro I loved it even though I dont know anything about code or programming
yet, a friend told me to give it a go so I thought JavaScript is a smart
place to start, just w browser stuff but most went over my head -_- I kinda
feel dumb now lol

Donny Ortiz says:

nice I just finished a java class at my college and hopefully this will be
easy to pick up.

Artem Drobotenko says:

This should be a tutorial for creating tutorials 🙂
indeed, an example of best practice: relevant, compact, striking!
many thanks

Zach Nelson says:

I was terrified of learning JavaScript until I saw this tutorial, I
realized that it is very similar to Python, which is one of my primary
languages, and I am really excited to learn more about it. Thank you!

Brian Fink says:

Great tutorial for a refresher/crash-course!

One question, you put the < !-Hide JS -> comments inside of your script tags
but to my understanding is that this doesn’t do anything useful in your
code such as hiding your JavaScript as you described. Can you please
confirm if there is a way to actually hide your JS code other than 1.
Putting it into an external document, 2. Generating a minified version, or
3. Hiding it thousands of lines below the top of your HTML document? I know
3 isn’t practical or In wide use but I’ve seen plenty of large
organizations use it. Thanks again for the awesome vids!

Omar Farooq says:

I stayed with it until the end. I really enjoyed this and this is going
help me tremendously for my job ^_^ =D

Jeremy Boyle says:

Best programming videos on YouTube. I hate sitting through tutorials where
people are like “yea and so uhm, I’m going to uhm, creaaaaate a variable
and um let’s uhhhh let’s call it x” such a waste of time 

Speed Franklin says:

This tutorial was fantastic. This concise explanation of the most important
aspects of the syntax is exactly what someone who searches for a 30-minute
javascript tutorial needs. Thank you

Jonathan Mann says:

This was great! After just finishing the Javascript course at codeacademy I
found this to be an awesome recap. Thanks!

kyandeiai says:

This is a great video! I already learnt JavaScript but a long while ago, so
it was nice to have a quick refresher on its idiosyncrasies

Josh Dillingham says:

Amazing! Obviously I didn’t retain everything, but in this one tutorial I
have found all the things I was looking to learn about JS, now all I have
to do is get to a certain part in this video, pause it, learn all the steps
then move on. So much better than watching 5 different tutorials that are
all 30 minutes each on 5 different channels to learn the same amount of
info. Brilliant!

Aaron Rose says:

Great tutorial – just was I was after….lots of info in a short amount of
time to refresh my js knowledge (and learn a few new things!). Thanks! I’ll
be watching more. =)

James Keaveney says:

Excellent tutorial at the perfect pace. Well done.

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