Java Tutorial: Java For Beginners (Part 8): Loops

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This video covers loops in Java, an extremely useful part of any development. Official website Support Forum…


Lamnonaut says:

one thing i don’t understand is x++ (which obviously could be anything like f++) but i don’t really get what happens when it adds 1.
Why does it go into a loop?

spetzist says:

“too user friendly” As opposed to? the idea behind all Development Environments is to make the process easy.What are you talking about?

TurtledNinja says:

way better than my current highschool teacher.

Mubashar Aftab says:

I’m really enjoying this learning curve. The explanations are excellent, the tutorials are very organized, and the logic is very well defined with best practises. You are an amazing teacher! At the end of my learning, I’m definitely going to donate whatever I possibly can!

1mill2 says:

Your better than my teacher too, he sucks ass.

MrEmperor96 says:

Netbeabs is too user friendly and has too many shortcuts. A good IDE to start is dr. Java

MrEmperor96 says:

Netbeans is too user friendly and you don

George Petropoulos says:

Start from the begining, it helps you…and everyone else.

mrbossma says:

I really like that you can explain so well because i´m (only) 13 and i can easily understand it, even though i sometimes re-watch a part because i don’t completeley understand it

Stilofski says:


MrEmperor96 says:

what java program are you using????

tito colon says:

This is java short hand. total +=x is the short way of saying: total = total + x;

61stBSSMilitia says:

Are you guys planning to make an intermediate or advanced series?

julian jaramillo says:

So, trying to understand this correctly. Since X is divisible by 2, the total is determined by adding the total to x? and x is incremented to 100?

svab12 says:

I’m confused. PLX help me out here.
I just don’t get the “total += x;”. what does that ? I see what it does, but why ist the + before = and than x and why is the total 2550 if it’s += because when =+ is 100.

Munkey Waxx says:

wooo, java calculator, no more “writing out your working”, just send the fuckers netbeans and the code,
job done!

have watched the beginner series twice, still some things i miss, and yeah the mic cuts out a every now and then 🙂

Calen Ward says:

You’re a better teacher than my probably highly paid java prof at college.

fillecool2 says:

I agree, bucky’s tuts are too complexed if you’ve just started learning java

JavaontheFly says:

This is from a different youtube channel called TheJavaHub!

MrNineBomb says:

Definitely better than bucky (thenewboston)

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