Java Programming Tutorial – 3 – Downloading Eclipse

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How to download and use Eclipse for Java programming


CantOlie says:

i like how u use the word crap/butt. very un professor like ;D

Haloguy2134 says:

When I click my eclipse icon it says the eclips executable was unable to be locate it’s companion shared library

Haloguy2134 says:

I can’t download it help

TheTeamDoDo says:

Nice, I hope it goes well and good luck with you game! 😀

az100eletronics12 says:

r u some troll?

Sinmac100 says:

no it does not work i tried it myself

TheChowsrock says:

do i have to go through all that -vm stuff ?

TheChowsrock says:

its says failed to create the java virtual machine…

ThePaniniboy says:

In eclipse, type in “syso” (no “”) and hit ctrl+space for a “System.out.println();”. Might be useful in the future for you 😀

weterman4320 says:

i found run button

PurpleFlyingSpaceCow says:

you might of downloaded the wrong version?

Peter Villa says:

probably would depend on the professor, we used IDE in my .NET class daily

halokinger says:

Just curious – would this be allowed in a College Java Programming class? I’m currently using these videos, along with my mom’s 4th edition textbook to teach myself. I wouldn’t have a problem using the command line, but it doesn’t seem to work with the Applet Viewer, and this is the only thing that works with the example in the book. Of course, the book does mention using IDEs…

camgptt says:

got it thanks

Timothy Elliott says:

Thanks dude! You’re tutorials are awesome

az100eletronics12 says:

Is it ok if i use juno eclipse?

weterman4320 says:

i have no run button?

zamm0rock says:

Goddamnit, I already had Netbeans. Is this okay?

intoaction66 says:

I have a question i hope someone who knows more about java programming can answer. How relevant are these tutorials since there almost 3 years old? I’m reading a book on java from 2012 and was thinking if itd be worth going through these tutorials since some of the stuff hes talking about could be outdated. I don’t want to go through these videos and learn things that arent relevant anymore and get confused and have problems later. Anyone know if java has changed that much?

David Frimel says:

I’m getting the same issue. Let me know if you figure it out.

smuffaduffla says:

I’m doing both

Toothpastepwns says:

Thanks for that, I was going to go ahead and do the whole entire course without writing notes, just doing as he is.

If you truly want to apply yourself, I agree with TheStrobeGame’s advice and definitely write some of this stuff down!

TheStrobeGames says:

I got to lesson 21 then realised…. I had not a clue I was doing. So here is a tip for you guys. Start here and make a notebook and take notes over everything he said, it could be useful to you in the future. My plan is 3 lessons a day and I’ll get more done soon and be able to have more back ground knowledge. Take the advice. TAKE NOTES!

EinstienJr says:

You know what would be awesome,(if don’t know if it already exsist)
Collect all your java tutorial and put it as a torrent file,(i can see the video size is small, i think you have done some editing after the video recording)…So please if possible, Please do it…….especially IN TPB and

Jonba7778 says:

About 8000 times easyer! That’s a lot easyer!

Apocalypse00Andy says:

thanks so much man, i just started computer applications and have to get some sort of editor working on my laptop so i can keep up with college work, you’ve saved my bacon

Xenerus94 says:

This tutorial is also useful for PC beginners who don’t know how to create a desktop shortcut 😀

TheOfficial3III says:

same problem here! D:

WallbyTV says:

I cant see the java project when i click new
but i do see something called jpe is that it?

Sergio Oliveira says:

Than you so much for sharing your time Android knowledge. You are the real deal

thenxn1 says:

im having a problem everytime i open up eclipse i just get an error msg pop up can anyone help? the error msg is: failed to load the JNI shared library “c:program files(x86)javajdk1.7.0_07bin..jrebinclientjvm.dll” . HELP! DX

TheRudeDirector says:

I get this error while trying to open eclipse. h t t p : / / p r n t s c r . c o m / h j f p h (sorry about the spaces, it wouldn’t let me post it without the spaces…)

TheStrobeGames says:

Thats why I am here! :3

UltimateRecursion says:

My new program:
Hello, GREG!

rvbCabooservb says:

Nevermind I reinstalled it and it is working fine

rvbCabooservb says:

It says something about choosing a main class and they give me so many options and none of them work.

rvbCabooservb says:

It says I have to click on a java application when I run it. I dont know which one to chose.

LukeDay1990 says:

I love how you say ‘click’ all the time instead of ‘type’, makes me lol.

ItalianFX says:

Over on the top right you’ll see the word Java EE. To the left of that you’ll see a little window with a + on it. Click that and then click Java. That will reconfigure the window and then you’ll be able to do File > New > Java Project.

ironmaidenrlz1 says:

Bro, love your name

KeepBottingOFFICIAL says:

“It’s about eight thousand times easier!”

sierraraiderx2 says:

you mean to make a new project? when in eclipse. go to files. then to new. then press other and then find the file named java project.

camgptt says:

i don’t get ‘java project for new project’ just a bunch of other options that i don’t understand

oyyou91 says:

At least it’s about 8000x easier.

Ssc0c says:

i can’t run my programs… the two options i have it says “Ant Build”

NordiNorsk says:

you need to have a main() thingy.

public static void main(){

NordiNorsk says:

Yeah! thanks!

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