Java Programming Tutorial – 2 – Running a Java Program

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****MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY**** How to run a Hello World program in java.


NicksterNOC says:

What if you can’t find “test” in the command prompt

44Cosmic says:

He says this in the video he says to type in
if u installed the compiler correctly then it will convert it in to a .class

fuzzorama says:

at the end I tried to close his cmd window

AKHalex says:

If you guys don’t understand this tutorial, then I have a solution for you! Go to – that tutorial is a lot easier to understand! I have only been reading it for a few hours and I can already write bug-free programs from scratch 😉

Jayzzy4HD says:

you didnt compiled it bro . .class is a compiled file . while .java is a source code

IanFProductions says:

I did everything that you did:

comand prompt:

cd test

But there is still no youtube.class, it’s still .java

Hasan Malik says:

You sir are awesome thank you so much! 😀

TheMrSkelington090 says:

no his last name is roberts

DahLemons TL says:

Did you use capitals for your because i did that and it didn’t work, so change it without capitals in it

rapper250 says:

is your last name Litvin? cause i think you made that AP java book.

l3E7Studios says:

Did you not watch the first video? :S

hbarad93 says:

I’m doing this in nrmal wordpad but I’m guessing I need wordpadd++ so ti understands this java code?

TheZHPMafia says:

for people who get an error when typing “javac”. make sure you’ve set your PATH to something like C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_04bin, not Program Files (x86). After you’ve changed that, open a new cmd and type “javac”. worked for me

smutery says:

very pragmatic, thank you for your tutorials

ajaykushwaha says:

thanks brother…from the bottom of my heart really thanks

zhardin98 says:

watch part 1

sierraraiderx2 says:

the S of system needs to be capitalized. like this
and same goes for string. so this makes
(String args[]){
System.out.println(“hello world”)
hope it helped you out.

nathan walker says:

Thanks for the vids, really help for a beginner:) I seem to have a problem though, at the part where your showing whats in your drive, around 4:40 i’ve saved everything right but i cant see the test file, any ideas?

Bri4nS says:

Hey Danny.

Go check out the first tutorial. It shows you why you’ll get that message. It’s not recognising the path for your compiler. An easy fix if you follow along with the first tutorial on installing Java JDK. 🙂

ipodtouchacker says:

gonna be using your tutorials now! i’ve been subbed but never knew exactly WHEN i would use them. well now i am

benjesterw says:

More people should like so he can see

chandana dinesh says:

thank you….

FlavouredBlocks says:

rename it to whatever.idk

espakiller says:

Im an IT student in Spain. My english is quite bad, but I entered in the english group. I just wanted to thank you for great pronunciation. U really saved my life, dude.

monkeyvigilante says:

Someone help me, I got two error here on my cmd.
1. java:3:error: cannot find symbol public static void main (string args[]){ error: package system does not exist
 system.out.println(“hello world! “);

BatHaroon says:

watch the previous video

NIKI6072 says:

Hi’ i love your tutorial it’s great. but when i write test on the cmd nothing comes up…and i’v writing office everthing you did. i have notepad without the row numbers and all. can i write the cod with word(office)? is it different??

MistaEnergetic says:

You skipped the first tutorial

Magnetfelder says:

you forgot one ” before Hello.

ryanv1028 says:

@ryanv1028 *end

ryanv1028 says:

Anyone know how to fix this…?
When I type javac I get this error:

javac error reached and of file while parsing

sierraraiderx2 says:

i have a problem. i accidentally used DOTA 2 to open my class file so now every time i open the class file DOTA opens. how can i change it back to normal (deleting the file does not work).


just check his 1st video while installing he;ll tell u some instructions follow that,,

NordiNorsk says:

Yes, I get a similar error. However I noticed you had a lower case s on System, that will be a problem. My problem it “cannot find symbol” and points to the dot after “out” and says:

symbol: method printIn(String)
location: variable out of type PrintStream
1 error

BTW… jdk IS installed.

igaumx says:

watch the first episode

BandosTeam says:


MinecraftSWV says:

copy and paste below 🙂

MinecraftSWV says:

class HelloWorld{
public static void main (String Args[]) {
System.out.println(“Hello World!”) ;

flipmannnn says:

follow tutorial 1

Tommy Zwar says:

why not just use a legit compiler like netbeans?

Pete C. says:

You didn’t set the path for Java. Watch “Java Programming Tutorial - 1” will help.

arttujarvinen says:

Make sure to use spaces and not TAB when going to a new line of text. I had the same errors as you, but since I’ve configured Minecraft plug-in files, I remembered to always use spaces! Hope this helps!

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