Java Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing the JDK

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****MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY**** How to download and install the Java Development Kit


diablo23232 says:

I can tell you have a very short attention span and that was a very pretentious comment, so if i was you i would quit while i was ahead with programming.

Aaron Hart says:

i dont like windows xp as much as windows 7

2437286 says:

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Mesjoggeh says:

I use firefag

Ulysses Vaughan says:

JFK? I think you mean jdk.

Marko Hladnik says:

I doesnt work, when I type command javac. When I go to it redirecst me to on Oracle page. In the top downloads I clicked Java SE. Than I downloaded Java SE 6 Update 35 version. Afterwards I followed the instructions completely. Whwre did I make a mistake?

rlui123 says:

Holy shit, look at all the open source stuff on his desktop.

JimboSlice01 says:

JFK 7 IS FUCKING RETARDED , the gay ass shit dont download

kimandken4u says:

thanks for your training!

inurdreamsfuzzy says:

i failed at interview for java training, but that’s not the end of my java career, i’m with bucky! thanks dude!

Abh19021 says:

you dont say ?

Rohan Bharadwaj says:

its an island in the pacific

zamorakianarmy says:

LOL maybe this will result in a comment train! XD

MsAnimeGamer says:

I think step one is uselles, where the fuck am i watching the tutorial?
Oh wait maybe he ment IE

hipchickfitness says:

Do you have any basic tutorial and outlook about JAVA because not all people are familiar about it

seannykraynak says:

Sucks though that the java page has changed and JDK 7 is out now..and WAY different

moromorogutten says:

I knew that. I just didn’t want to say 119, because it was 120 when i commented. my point was that ” *how many dislikers* are stupid. ” You know what i mean?

“119 people dont know what java is” like that, thats just getting annoying..

antonio reeves says:

i got it but you need a update on this things change

sai krishna says:

a week ago there were 119 and you comment yesterday. please don’t mind, use your mind 😛 .

nguoioi123 says:

thanks so much. this videos is so useful to me

xXxoSNOWoxXx says:

Thanks! I was trying to figure out where I could have possibly gone wrong, figured others would answer it… sure enough… =D

cheaterxman says:

I heard of java
I wanted java
I downloaded Java
I wanted to program java
I searched “Java beginner tutorials”
I found your channel
I am watch episode 1
I am on my way.


Will this also work with jedit from mac or should I just use virtual machine?

somenextguy96 says:

Could I do these tutorials with a mac?

moromorogutten says:

120 people dislike this video.

zamorakianarmy says:


wowzerscheeseball says:


moromorogutten says:

And this is the beginning of the complicated me…

JavaxPro says:

Nice Tutorials!
I have got some cool tutorials on everything too!
Check out my channel for the best tuts

190damo says:

you rock man totally

pianodeoido says:

Thank you.

MinecraftBoomDoom says:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

Troll Carrot says:

way to be irrelevant.

Cz Kodie says:

Now go ahead and type javac
and unlike before we know have a bunch of crap LOLL!!

warhead107 says:

I cant find jdk then. all of the links are jre. 🙁

CuzJesusLuvdMe says:

um when i downloaded it it was a .rar file…
what do i do!!!

iamtechi27 says:

You’re getting the wrong download. You’re getting the Java Runtime Environment, not the JDK.

warhead107 says:

im only getting jre7? and not jdk? idk what to do.

DivineGamingLegacy says:

thank you, sometimes the most basic thing is the biggest mistake you ever make 🙂

DivineGamingLegacy says:


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