Intermediate Java Tutorial – 42 – Setting Up the Streams

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Alex Couch says:

You jynxed the video!! DDDx

Jort De bokx says:

0 dislikes 4 the win!

StuntFilmzNeu says:

1:00 :D

israelim125 says:

3:07 analogy, get it?

shiva m says:

Hey you used finally and throws in previous 2 tutorials what does these two do??

Nicolas Husser says:

This is actually better than How I Met Your Mother, Bucky’s Programming Season 2 now available ! Thanks buddy, or Bucky, whatever.


okay, now i understand how the computer is not going to infinitely keep running the methods in the startRunning() method, but won’t spoil it for all of the rest of you still getting a divide by zero error in your heads about that method. watch the rest of the tutorials, and you will get it. he probably explained it, but i can’t watch and listen at the same time effectively so i focus on one thing.

Rawaz1995 says:

the server says: sittin on the toilet, sittin on the toilet… and then output.flush. 2:14

Jake Runzer says:

I love pushing crap through pipes with flushes

otinane95 says:

Bucky you are the BEST!

MrZatran says:

I had looked every where for a good java tutorial. now I found the best Ö Ö.

DivineTurtle96 says:


Balraj R.A says:

oh bucky you’re a great guy, i think i wasted my time by not seeing your tutorials before itself. anyway bucky just continue your awesome work and i hope you get more subscribers than anybody else. bucky! you rock

Nikita coolings says:


xpxd47 says:

Thank you a lot Bucky. I don’t usually comment on any type of video, but I wanted to let you know that many of us don’t comment, but still follow along all of your videos – so please keep going on with the java tutorials. Thank you for all these amazing videos – Moi

Frogfish999 says:

0:00 random spanish accent

pabloelpopstar says:



awesome bucky, been following since first basic java tut thx!!

challegy says:

Thanks for the tutorials. Keep up the good work.

Zare Nikolic says:

extremly helpull… thanks Bucky

BobbyScimitar says:

yes yes, shallow and pedantic, jk, these videos are complete hunglizoidjagizing!

ensirius says:

Love you Bucky <3

Brandonmxb says:

Using pipes is absolutely the best way to explain networking to people.

Brandonmxb says:

No comments yet, really? You’re awesome Bucky… I’m following right along with you.

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