Android Application Development Tutorial – 1 – Download and Install the Java JDK

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AvengedTony says:

To be fair though, if you already knew C++, learning java must’ve been a piece of cake… 😛

Vishal pratap says:

200 Videos !?? Leggo ! x)

amna als says:

u are the only one who come to my mind when i think about programming , thank you so much for being the awesome youtuber ever <3

PlayThroughForYou says:

Do I have to know alot of java or will you be going over it in the tutorials? Thanks

LosEagle says:

Anybody knows how it is with licensing and copyright? Do you have to have your own company and buy some copyright things to develop android apps? Couldn’t find anything about these and trying to contact google developer support is pain in the ass.

Dawnengine says:

No way, Android!!!!!


Vishal Ganna says:

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Adamo1890 says:

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Audiack says:

What are your games? :)

13ahaa says:

after the basics I can smoke this Android?

Miķelis Baltruks says:

yeah, you should know at least the basics of it. about variables, loops, exceptions bla bla bla.. So you wouldn’t get lost in easy stuff.

shahd Nazer says:


Mahmoud El-khateeb says:

my friend after finishing this tutorial am gonna be able to develop android application and sell it on play store !?

13ahaa says:

Do I need to learn Java before I begin these tutorials?

Moh'd Khalil says:


TheLk0998 says:

2:51 He is using mac.

Jaymelson Galang says:


Jaymelson Galang says:

I tried it cool

Edgar Becerra says:

i found out lol thanks for the video 🙂

Edgar Becerra says:

hey man i have a mac 10.6.8 and the java that i download is for only 10.7 and up what should i do ?

MrBigysmile says:

Do you need any java experience for these tutorials? Or will everything be explained in the videos?


2:50 he even says he’s on Mac.

Jefferson Dionizio says:


jhp111118 says:

I learned java longtime ago but i almost forgot. is it ok to learn android with these lectures??somebody tell me

Michael Richardson says:

i think skimazhs2 copied all of the videos to his channel???

avijit roy says:

hey can u plz upload a video as to how to create an app that will count the number of messages sent by the user.
would be very grateful if u do so.
anyways,thanx in advance! 🙂

Fredrick Karlsson says:

He sounds like Andrew on video copilot 🙂

rollymaster16 says:

With linux all you have to do is go to the software center and install the jdk and linux will update everything for you.

fabio duarte says:

Calvin Maighan says:

lol this guy is pretty good 😀

Sarun Whix says:


Shazeen Kamran says:

are u using windows 7 or mac

Hesham Elmahdy says:

How did this video get any likes ??!!

SoledadRenLen says:

funny… “I will kill your family”…

Рома Навроцкий says:

618 618

Kaxa Miqeladze says:

Can i watch this videos without watching at first java beginner and intermadiate? please someone reply me. I’m already learning c# so i don’t want to learn almost same computer programming languages. i want to lern java for android development

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